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Agroturystyka "Nad Jeziorem" - komentarze i opinie

XzEHiiqNiSKgIKvt  4.03.2013 23.23
This trial is a part of ninamlozirg the abomrnal.First homosexual marriage, then polygamous marriage, then child molestation and rape all based on individual ADULT MALE rights instead of civilization needs for raising spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually intact CHILDREN to be well-adjusted citizens.There are already scientific studies appearing that claim that child molestation and rape is so prevalent that it cannot possibly actually hurt children over the long term. The insane conclusion is that, since most children grow up to lead productive adult lives after being molested and raped, it must be not that bad to molest and rape children.Of course, I believe the opposite to be true. I believe that the extreme high incidence of child molestation and rape is a major issue leading to extreme societal problems that undermine Western civilization.It's telling that Muslims engage in significant child molestation and rape, BUT the Muslims want to hush-hush it up and call forcible rape to be temporary marriage or child marriage as if marriage is simply a lifelong version of rape and molestation.I believe that Britain recently ruled that former child molesters MUST be given the chance to foster and adopt children because it would be unfair to child molesters to exclude them from participating in social services.Now we see WHY leftists like Muslims both seek to forcibly marry CHILDREN with impunity. And, both intend to prevent YOU from denigrating their sacred religion of child molestation and rape.It's a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world!
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SRdtBUFQqkrPF  2.05.2013 10.35
This world is full of depressed ppeole who give their opinion on ********.until he's tried and convicted he's innocent.that's why we have courts.it seems a lot of you ignorant retards forgot that.we got stuff way more serious then this..the federal reserve bank and the IRS 2 non government establishments that continue to rob us blindly..everyone worrying about this ******** when our own government killed our own ppeole September 11 2001..and have been demanding we pay more and more their goal is global bankruptcy so we can remain labor slaves and poor .
ArpgWlHJEAPMpNtQW  8.05.2013 04.12
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